The barriers and dividers of Fesma are designed for animals of different age groups and we advise you to consult with our specialists to find the best-suited product. Selection of the right barrier and divider ensure a safe environment in your farm.

The barriers and dividers are mainly used for:

  • separating and leading  animals
  • closing crossings
  • safety gates for doors (entries to farms, milking parlors, and automation rooms)
  • in common pens and calving areas

We manufacture standard products as well as custom-made solutions based on the dimensions provided in building design documentation. The barriers and dividers are quick and convenient to install with the help of braces and adjustable hinges. The braces are suitable for fixing to walls, round or square poles, as well as various materials (such as concrete, wood, metal, etc.). The fence elements and fixings are hot-dip galvanized

2-bar divider

2-bar telescopic divider

3-bar divider

3-bar telescopic divider

4-bar divider

4-bar telescopic divider

5-bar divider

5-bar telescopic divider

6-toru divider

6-toru telescopic divider