FESMA ALU OÜ was established in 1991. Our principal activities include manufacturing, sales, and installation of cattle equipment. We have been marketing our production under the name of Fesma Alu OÜ for 26 years. We offer modern solutions for new as well as renovated farms. Our long experience allows us to take into consideration the individual wishes of all clients and to manufacture and install custom-made solutions based on the clients’ needs.

Our products are reliable, durable, and animal-friendly.

We also work in cooperation with several construction and engineering companies in Estonia, manufacturing and mounting metal structures: trusses, beams, steel structures, wind ties, baulks, roof hips, fastening plates, anchor bolt sets, tanks and tank bases, stairs and railings.

FESMA ALU OÜ offers short delivery times by using modern technology and highly qualified, experienced specialists.


The selection of FESMA includes:

  • Separation fences for free-range or tethered housing of bovine animals
  • Cubicles or feed fronts: horizontal, vertical, slanted, self-locking, and module
  • Separating fences, gates, and railings: 2-3 pipes for dairy cows, 4-5 pipes for young beef cattle, and 5-7 pipes for beef cattle
  • Watertight plyboard gates and fences and end railings for animal bedding
  • Revolving and lifting gates
  • Barriers, sliding and safety gates for animal crossings
  • Calf boxes and enclosures for young bovine animals
  • Maintenance boxes, weighing cages, feed boxes
  • Grids for walkways and crossings, pump shed and foot-washing grids
  • Safety posts for entry doors
  • Posts for fixing cow brushes, railings, gates, and fences
  • Waterers: plastic, cast iron, and stainless-steel waterers
  • Hey baskets, feed containers
  • Fixing elements for farm equipment: clamps (cross and T), pipe sockets, U-loops, pipe fixings, fixings for waterers, saddles, various brackets, etc.