We manufacture standard as well as custom-made gathering fences for meadows, inside the farm and feeding fields. The gathering fences are easy to install and dismount. The fixing chains are of a sufficient length for circling the fence several times. The elements are hot-dip galvanized and durable.

Fence panels– various gathering fence panels can be used to form loose boxes and boxes. They are used for convenient gathering of animals, for forming weighing corridors and for selection.

Fence panels with calf gate– a gathering fence with a calf gate is designed to prevent the access of larger animals to areas not designated for them.

Fence panels wih gate– gated gathering fence panels allow the animals to exit and enter the area enclosed with the gathering fence.

NEW! Universal gathering fence with a gate – the opening side of the gate can be easily changed. Openable from the right or left.


  • Made of sturdy oval pipes and durable
  • The simple chain fixing allows for quick installation
  • An easy and convenient way for making loose-boxes and boxes with passageways
  • Suitable for integration with various products
  • Easy to relocate or transport
  • Hot-dip galvanized in compliance with ISO1461 or ISO14713
  • C3 tolerance class of environment
  • Made in Estonia
Fence panels5-bar6-bar7-bar
Length300 cm300 cm300 cm
Height135 cm160 cm 170 cm
Fence panels with gate5-bar6-bar7-bar
Length-300 cm300 cm
Height-220/160 cm220/170 cm
Fence panels with calf gate
Length-300 cm300 cm
Height-160 cm170 cm


We can produce custom-made fence panels according to customers needs.